Wych Elm - The Royal Botanical Gardens of Edinburgh

Traveling all over Scotland meeting and photographing furniture makers, craftsmen, potters and sulptures all working with the same tree, a Wych Elm, which had been felled from Edinburgh's Royal Botanical Garden.

Commissioned to take portraits of each maker, photograh the makers in their studios making their pieces, and finally the finished pieces.

Wych Elm was the first exhibition to be shown in the new John Hope Gateway Exhibition Centre at RBGE.

'Wych Elm is a celebration of a quintessentially British tree. This book describes in detail for the first time the ecological and cultural history of a tree species ravaged by Dutch elm disease but still thriving in its last European stronghold in the Highlands and West coast of Scotland. In a fascinating story of life, death and rebirth this book shows how every part of the wych elm can be recycled, both in nature and the hands of skilled craftspeople, earning it the title of the phoenix tree' (taken from the RBGE website)